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Direct response advertising is an invaluable tool for businesses seeking an increase in lead generation. By combining an enticing proposition with a call-to-action – usually in the form of a traceable 0800 phone number or web address – TV advertisers can significantly enhance consumer engagement, boosting sales conversions through direct response. Here, we discuss the reasons why DRTV advertising works and the methods used to maximise its effectiveness. If you like what you’re reading, why not complete the small form to arrange a consultation with the UK's leading DRTV advertising agency? Or give our team a call on 0800 088 6789.


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direct response Vs lead generation

As demonstrated by this graph, DRTV advertising acts as an effective catalyst for lead generation. The black line depicts TV advertising activity over a short timeframe, with specific ad spots represented by spikes that signify an increase in TV impacts. A red line denoting online leads runs in correlation with the DRTV spots, peaking in accordance with the increase in impacts as the viewers engage with the advertising message.

How Does Direct Response Advertising Work?

Including a web URL in the advertising creative offers TV advertisers an additional, information-rich resource to really sell the brand, its product and service.

An 0800 phone number facilitates the sale process by supplying a direct, and measurable, route of communication, providing expediency and convenience for the consumer.

The inclusion of discounts and competitions bolsters the core advertising message with an incentive, consequently increasing response and engagement.

 Above all else, direct response advertising is a request for direct consumer action. It is therefore essential that a campaign creative introduces the brand, product or service in a compelling light, appealing to consumer wants and needs.

Why DRTV Advertising Works

➢ 70% of 10-24 year-olds claim to surf the internet whilst simultaneously watching TV. What this tells us is that there is an active audience of dual-screen TV viewers just waiting to interact.

Direct response advertising improves the speed of transaction, appealing to consumer demand for ease-of-use and convenience.

Combining TV and online advertising in a marketing campaign is a particularly effective method of generating social media interaction, brand searches, web visits and both online and offline sales.

DRTV advertising is wholly accountable, allowing advertisers to track every stage of the conversion process and optimise campaign activity through analysis.

DR is cost-efficient, with rates lower than traditional spots. This gives advertisers greater profit margins whilst allowing for test launches and planning flexibility.

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